Stephen Stanczyk
 Licensed Home Inspector #221

      Safe Haven Home Inspections
                       PO Box 124
              Kapowsin, WA  98344

            (253) 241-0602




Safe Haven Home Inspections was founded by Stephen Stanczyk and is located in Kapowsin, Washington in rural Pierce County.  Starting in 1975, I have compiled more than three decades of experience in remodeling and repairing single family residences.  From pulling wire, to running new water lines:  From reroofing to designing and building new additions:  After working hand in hand with various specialty contractors and then learning that City and County Code Officials have their own interpretation of the different building codes, I decided that in order to properly complete projects with the least amount of stress,  I would need a more formal education in what to expect when inspecting the work of a variety of trades.  What better way than by attending Inspection Training Associates, Enhanced Home Inspection Course.  Not only did it supply me with the knowledge needed to complete my own projects, it gave me a chance to start a different phase of my business.

Once the Home Inspection business was up and running full time, it was time to find a Professional Association to join.  I scoured the internet and found the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors.  Sure there were other organizations, but why does someone join a specific group?  For me, it was the education and marketing opportunities that INACHI offered.  The requirements for membership, both new and on a continuing basis, can be very demanding.

Continuing education is not only a requirement for membership but it is a necessity for any home inspector that considers themselves a Professional.  There are new building techniques and new materials being developed on a daily basis that every inspector needs to learn.  At the same time, it is important to also take classes that may seem out of date.  Not every house was built this year and it is important to remember and even learn about the styles and building techniques of the past.

Over the years I have now performed 2,438 inspections ( as of 10-01-2013).  I don't profess to know everything and that is the reason that education is tantamount to becoming and staying a Professional Home Inspector. 

The following classes, both online and classroom, have been taken in the last few years.  If you have any questions or are looking for information on your home, please feel free to send me an email and I will try to answer your question. 

  •         Exterior Inspections
  •         Disaster Housing Certification  (Parr Inspections for FEMA)
  •         Wood Moisture Detection
  •         Electrical for the Home Inspector
  •         Inspector Safety
  •         Structural Course
  •         Green Building Course
  •         Roofing Course
  •         Plumbing Course
  •         Vermiculite Insulation Course
  •         Polybutylene Plumbing Course
  •         Water Heater TPR Valve Discharge Course
  •         Stairway Inspection Course
  •         Log Home Inspection Course
  •         Manufactured Home Inspection Course
  •         New Construction Inspection Course
  •         Residential Electrical Inspections
  •         Foundation Walls and Piers
  •         Deck Inspections
  •         Attic, Insulation, Ventilation and Interiors